The Idyllwild Scrapbook


We are interested in any Idyllwild "related" photos
you may wish to share and include in our Scrapbook.
If we use your photo, we will not only give you credit,
but also put a link to your website on the page
where your photo appears (if you have a website).
We reserve the right to include or exclude
any submissions.

Please send your photo(s) as an attachment
to the following e-mail address:

The Photo should be no greater than 512 pixels in
any dimension
and have a resolution of 72 dots per inch.

We also need some information:

- Title
- Photographers Name
- Your Name (If different from Photographer's Name)
- Description
- Location
- Date of Photo (Or as close guess)

If you have any additional questions or comments,
please send correspondence to:

Except under unusual circumstances, photos will not be returned
Thank you.



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